Attention !! Join our Telegram Alerts and get Instant Alerts of All Posts


    Attention !! Join our Telegram Alerts and get Instant Alerts of All Posts. Now Recieve Real time updates of all Posts through our Telegram Alerts. We have Stopped our Whatsapp Broadcast List Alerts due to Many Problems. We are Sending Instant Alerts to Telegram users from 26th February without any Problem to till now and will continue as well !!

    How to Join  Telegram Alerts:-

    1. Subscribing/Unsubscribing our Telegram Alerts is very easy and Take only 2-3 Clicks. 

    2. First of all, Download Telegram App From Here

    3. Install and Open the App and Complete your Signup process.

    4. Now to Subscrbe our Channel.

    5. Click on “View Channel” and You will be redirected to our Telegram Channel.

    6. Click on “Join Now” and Done !!

    7. Now You will recieve all the Alerts sent by us on Telegram channel.

    8. Note:- Please Never click on Mute us Otherwise you will not recieve Notification message.

    9. If Possible Please Goto Telegram HomePage and Tap and Hold on our Channel Name and click on “Pin to Top” us (as shown in below screenshot).

    Why Whatsapp Broadcast Alerts are Stopped?

    1. The Reason is Simple, Whatsapp broadcast is Like a Personal chatting with each users (Not Channel) and Save a lot of Data in our Mobile locally (Storage).

    For Example:- we have to send 10 Alerts to 4000 subscribers, So it will save 40,000 messages locally in our mobile. The more alert we send, The more Space we have to provide. But Our Mobile Processor can’t handle such Huge amount of data and slow down the usage of Whatsapp with Hang issue.

    2. Whatsapp alert will not reach to all users and take almost 5-6 mins to reach majority of users.

    3. Whatsapp broadcast list is running on our secondary mobile and we are not able to send alert whenever we want.

    4. Limited to 250 subscriber per broadcast list.


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