Important Update From Whats app- Our Broadcast alert has been Discontinued from Now Onwards


Important Update – Our Whatsapp Broadcast alert has been Discontinued from Now Onwards. By the way, we have Already Stopped our Whatsapp Broadcast Alert from Last 3 months but providing some alert as per availablity of our Phone/Internet/Battery. But From Today we are going to Permanently Stopped our Whatsapp alerts and will Start Telegram alert instead which is very-very Good, Fast and instant alert. So we are just going to inform you we are no longer accepting whatsapp broadcast users.

Why we are Going to Discontinue Whatsapp broadcast List Alert:-

1. The Reason is Simple, Whatsapp broadcast is Like a Personal chatting with each users and Save a lot of Data in our Mobile locally.

For Example:- we have to send 10 Alerts to 4000 subscribers, So it will save 40,000 messages locally in our mobile. The more alert we send, The more Space we have to provide. So Our Mobile Processor can’t handle such Huge amount of data and slow the usage of Whatsapp.

2. A alert will not reach to all users and take almost 5-6 mins to reach majority of users.

3. Whatsapp broadcast list is running on our secondary mobile and we are not able to send alert whenever we want.

4. Limited to 250 subscriber per broadcast list.

5. But we have started our Telegram Alerts from last 1 months and got 425 subscribers as of now, The above all 4 problem is Solved by Telegram.


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