(Updated) AppDownit.com – Get Free Facebook Likes on your Photos without Access Token/Login


AppDownit.com – Get Free Facebook Likes on your Photos without Access Token/Login. Yes you heard it right, Now no need to use the Like exchange websites because you will get the Free Likes without Login your Facebook account/access token. With the help of Custom id likes we will get rid from Automatic spam and Bots. So read it below how to get Free Likes !!

Note:- We have Updated the Steps, If its doesn’t work for You. Open your TV and watch “Pogo” on it !!

How to Get Free Facebook Likes on Your Photos from AppDownit.com:-

1) Firstly if you are “New” in Field of Facebook Autoliker then follow the steps carefully.

2) For New users Open your Facebook account and Set your Photo privacy as “Public” for all photos or only 1 which you want to get free facebook Likes.

3) Now Goto Facebook Settings here or goto Directly here and Set follower setting as Public.

Note:- your Age must be 18+ in your Facebook Profile otherwise autoliker will not Work.

4) First of all, Visit Appdownit.com/hbb Here

5) They you Ask you to Enter your Photo Custom id.

6) To get your photo custom id, Just Open up your Any Facebook Photo where you want to get Likes and check the url and find ?fbid=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX& (where XXXX is your Photo id)(See Screenshot below)

Note:- Custom id should be between 14-16 Digits only

7) Now Go back to Appdownit.com/hbb

And Enter your Photo id and Click on “Send Likes”.

8) After 2 Minutes, Check your Photo you will get Free 80-85 Likes.

9) Now If you want more likes on Same Photo, Do The Same Process after 3 Minutes, You will get More Likes.

10) Now Enjoy Free Likes on Your Photos 🙂

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