Watch Bigg Boss Season 10 Online on Colors HD JioTv


JioTv is most downloaded app after MyJio among all Jio apps. You can watch all TV shows on JioTv app in HD quality

Top 5 JioTv app Features

  1. You can add TV shows to your Favourite list.
  2. You can set reminder notification for your favorite TV show.
  3. If you are busy during the show time, you can record them to watch later.
  4. All TV shows are in HD quality and it plays at the same time it does on television.
  5. The streaming quality of JioTv app on Jio 4G network is best.

    Watch Bigg Boss Season 10 Online

    You can watch Bigg Boss season 10 online on JioTV app. Follow this guide to watch “Bigg Boss season 10 episodes online on Colors – JioTV”.


    2.Open JioTv app and select Colors HD TV Channel

    3. Tap and select Bigg Boss and mark as Favourite

    4. Set reminder for Bigg Boss season 10 episodes

    Bigg Boss season 10 show reminder

    Bigg Boss season 10 Tv show timing




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